Submitted 07/28/2021

On November 3, 2020, my wife and I were Poll Observers in Milwaukee we observed the following:

  1. After a Poll Worker registered a new voter, she told the voter to vote for the President beginning with a "B".
  2. Poll Worker asking the voter, "Who are you going to vote for"?
  3. Hispanic voters coming in and asking in a loud voice, Who do I vote for?
  4. Hispanic voters registering to vote (ages 25 -40), but could not read and complete the registration forms in English or Spanish.
  5. Voices of the Frontier (Vozes de la Frontera) assisting voters in the voting booth.
  6. Some Hispanic voters knew their names, but not their addresses
  7. The Poll Inspector was distributing ballots in which the voter could only vote for President Trump or Biden. There were no city council, congressman, assemblyman etc....on the ballot.

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