Submitted 07/28/2021

I served as a recount observer in Milwaukee for four days, November 20 ,21, 22 ,and the 23rd. Sunday I was assigned to observe wards in the city of Milwaukee. I observed two ballot envelopes that had no witness information on it and the were unopened. I objected to them and asked that they be set aside. The poll workers called over a representative from the Milwaukee clerk’s office who directed them to open the envelopes and include the ballots with the rest of the ballots from that ward. An attorney from the Trump campaign also objected to which the clerk’s rep stated that they were directed to open such ballots and include them in the count, and that’s what she was going to do. This was nineteen days after the election. Along with that we were kept at a distance that made it difficult to distinguish most of the marking on the ballot envelopes. I don’t believe this was a fair election or recount and I ask that the legislature withhold certification until all election fraud issues be fairly and completely investigated. I’m willing to go under oath and testify to what I’m reporting in this email.

Report Election Fraud